Web Security

There are several vulnerabilities that can directly and negatively affect the operation and even the SEO of a website. 

Devloope offers a service of scanning, detection and exploitation of vulnerabilities that give our clients a clear perspective on the security status of their websites.

Why web security is important?

How to make all this not happen and have a safe place?

En internet, el cibercrimen crece año a año, literalmente no hay un solo dia en el que no se reporten millones de sitios y sistemas de varios tipos siendo objetivo de ciberdelincuentes. Los motivos varían de atacante en atacante.

Algunos lo hacen por dinero, tanto sea robando información sensible relacionada con los usuarios de un sitio, por ejemplo el caso de los sitios de compra a través de internet, como estafándolos de forma directa

If your website is the victim of a computer attack, it will directly affect your SEO positioning. When they hack your page or inject malicious code, it directly affects the user experience of your visits, since in these cases, traffic finds malicious content that does not correspond to what you are looking for. When this happens, they close the browser and may not visit again.

That is, it not only damages your user experience, but also your online reputation and the credibility of your brand.

We must not forget that Google detects that your website has been hacked and that it is potentially dangerous for your visits, will put it in quarantine and your position in the search engines will fall dramatically.

We have quality and secure web hosting, making sure that it includes protection measures against DDoS attacks, that there is always a team monitoring the platform 24 hours a day and that it is stable.

In the case of using an application such as WordPress, we have a web hosting plan that is optimized for this.

When we use a content manager like Drupal, Joomla or WordPress we make sure that your passwords are secure enough so that nobody can crack them.

In these cases, we always recommend using secure password generation tools such as PasswordsGenerator.net. It includes symbols, uppercase, lowercase, ambiguous characters … All measures are few when we talk about security on a web page.

Web application Firewalls are also very important, as they protect your website against SQL code injection attacks or any other threat that may call into question the security of the site.

We must never forget to keep everything updated. More than 50% of web pages worldwide are created with a CMS. In fact, WordPress has 60% of the market share in terms of content managers.

Especially when you use such a framework, you have to be aware of the updates that are released. And not only the application itself, the plugins, the templates, are also susceptible to security flaws that may endanger your website and your customers.

Always having a backup is basic for both your website and your business. In the event of any attack or carelessness, you can be the victim of a hacking but in this way, you can recover all the information by loading the corresponding backups before the attack.

The updated SSL certificate is one of the most important elements since browsers are increasingly striving for users to identify, at a glance, which pages are not secure (that is, do not work with HTTPS) and which Yes they are.

We also have tools to protect the login and database of our customers, since we take care of their security, as much as ours.

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