In this blog, we will talk about a very delicate and important topic for the field of design. We consider it very interesting and informative, to clarify and describe the differences that exist between images and words, which are used to characterize companies, (rather recognized as a logo, imagotype, isotype, etc.)

Next, we will detail each of them and provide a brief explanation so that they can detect the difference that exists between each of them and, if they need it, they can request the correct and desired design for your company.


It is mainly characterized by using the combination of text with symbols. The symbol identifies the brand, without the need to name it, although in many cases, the brand name stands out among the symbols.


The logo is characterized by containing only text (the design in its typography to be more precise), which graphically represents the brand.


                 It is the iconic design of the brand, that is, the illustrative symbol that can refer to the brand, without typography that details it. The main feature is that iso “iso” means the same, therefore, in the symbol, the company is directly associated with the image. It is important to keep in mind that there are different types of isotypes. 

•        Monogram: In this field, we can see illustrations in which the initials or some letter of the interlaced company can be highlighted, thus forming an individual and characteristic sign.

•        Anagram: Here we highlight the short words characteristic of the brand or it can also be part of it, in case the brand is very extensive.


                 It stands out for containing text and icons complemented each other, thus achieving a single object. Normally the text is inside the image or the image within the text.


                     Unlike the other types, in the acronym we will find individual letters that form the brand or characterize it among the others.


              In this case, we will only see as a representation of the brand, an initial, which can be the name of an entity or person, with a characteristic design.


The signature is considered as another variant of the logo, which represents exclusive products, services or brands.

              It is a form of writing that consists of figures or symbols, in this way, we know exactly what it is.
A pictogram can be divided into two types:

•        Figurative pictograms: those that represent silhouettes and contours, thus characterizing the object.
•        Abstract pictograms: they are abstract figures that stand out for their shapes, colors or compositions.

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