Blog #1 Logo

In this blog, we will talk about a very delicate and important topic for the field of design.. 
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Blog #2 Social Media

Social networks can be associated with online communication platforms (social networks, blogs, forums)..
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Blog #3 Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is characterized by being
combined with the use of various strategies in
digital media and tools..
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Blog #4 Web security

Due to the importance of the data and the amount of computer attacks that we observe monthly, we are obliged to create this very interesting content..
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Blog #5 The importance of web securit

On the internet, cybercrime grows year by year, every day millions of sites and systems of various types are reported to be the target of cybercriminals.
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Blog #6 Ads

Online advertising is found daily in our navigation and is part of it, within social networks, when we play a video, such as searches or browsed sites.
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Blog #7 IoT & big data in energy data analysis

The IoT (internet of things) is a concept that refers to a
digital interconnection of everyday objects with the internet, that is,
physical objects that carry integrated sensors to collect data and thanks to
this, in some cases, they can also interact..
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Blog #8 Evolution of Video Editing

Videos have always been an excellent way to represent situations, concepts and ideas in a creative and technical way in which telling a story becomes a journey through creativity and also logic.
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Blog #9 Black IoT - IoT Security

For some years ago, it was already talking about the great attacks that could be (and in some cases were already) carried out in the IoT (Internet of Things), which could have very severe consequences.
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Blog #10 Full-Stack Development

When we start in the programming world, we often ask ourselves what we want to do.
There are several ways to choose.
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Blog #11 Cloud Infra Management

To begin, we would like to detail the topics that are developed in the following content, to characterize and highlight each service in an orderly way, since they are all linked together
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